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Year 2012 News

At our annual Christmas party, we honored retirees Marcus Aldridge, Tom Dobbelaere, and Bryan Sumpter. Also, honored for 35 years of service were Mike Kauzlick – General Superintendent and Tom Tuttle – Traffic Manager. Bob Fruchey was honored for 40 years of service.

Don Hille – Secretary/Treasurer passed away yesterday and became our second coworker in a year to lose his battle with cancer. Don was a great guy and will be greatly missed.

Year 2011 News

Honored this year at our annual Christmas party were retirees Donna Baughman – A/P Specialist, Leo Herendeen – Estimator, and Dave Robinson – Driver.

Jon Greim, General Manager at our PWC Fabrication Division, lost his battle with cancer yesterday and passed on. Jon was an outstanding human being and will be greatly missed.

Year 2010 News

At our annual Christmas party, we honored new retirees Mike Gebers – Project Foreman and Steve Baughman – Account Representative. Jeanne Burt – Administrative Coordinator and Mike Gebers were honored for 30 years of service, and Ron Andrews – Project Foreman, Tom Dobbelaere – Project Foreman, Dave Fruchey – VP, and Jim Lowden – Safety Director were honored for 35 years of service.

In a meeting with a large number of coworkers, the beginning of our Lean journey was announced. Our company culture has always valued teamwork, doing quality work, and continuous improvement. We will use Lean concepts to accelerate our ability to bring more value to our customers with less waste.

We added an Easy-Laser system to increase our accuracy in alignment and geometric measurements.

Year 2009 News

We honored recently retired Project Foreman, Ray Chapman, at our annual Christmas party. Also honored was Estimator Leo Herendeen as our newest 35-year coworker.

While we support many community organizations, we have been most closely associated with SCAN (Stop Child Abuse & Neglect). This year marked our 10th year as corporate sponsor for SCAN’s Children’s Garden Party.

Year 2008 News

At our annual Christmas party, we honored Kevin Bushee, crane operator, for reaching 35 years of service. Also honored were retirees Gary Kendrick – Project Foreman and Federico Martinez – Fabricator at our PWC Fabrication Division.

For the ninth consecutive year, Don R. Fruchey, Inc. was the corporate sponsor for the SCAN (Stop Child Abuse & Neglect) Children’s Garden Party. The Garden is on the grounds of Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne. Plantings in the Garden are used to honor loved ones with a living tribute.

We added a new 65-ton rough terrain hydraulic crane to our crane fleet. This broadens the capabilities available to our customers.

This winter, our PWC Fabrication division upgraded several pieces of equipment. They replaced their production air compressor with a new higher capacity model, replaced their radial arm drill with a new model, and replaced their circular cold saw with a new model.

Year 2007 News

We honored recently retired Dennis Garland, Project Foreman at our annual Christmas party. Also honored were two coworkers who reached 30 years of service with our company, Tom Tuttle – Traffic Manager and Mike Kauzlick – Field Superintendent. Bob Fruchey was also honored as our first 35 year coworker.

The Masonic Temple in Fort Wayne honored Don Fruchey as their first Temple Master Preservationist.

This evening, the founder of our company, Don R. Fruchey, passed on to a better place at age 82. He started the company with few financial resources in 1950, but left with a long history of successful projects and a family of coworkers, both past and present. He retired in 1980, but his influence is still being felt.

Year 2006 News

Because project delivery time has become increasingly important, our PWC Fabrication Division has added a fourth detailer to its staff.

Year 2005 News

At our annual Christmas party, we honored recently retired Terry Hamrick – Project Foreman and Bob Dunfee – Driver. We also honored four of our coworkers who reached 30 years of service with our company: Ron Andrews – Project Foreman, Tom Dobbelaere – Project Foreman, Jim Lowden – Safety Director, and Dave Fruchey – V.P.

Our PWC Fabrication Division replaced its phone equipment with a state-of-the-art system. Because of customer requests, a voicemail system was also added.

In another step toward reducing project delivery time, our PWC Fabrication Division has just added a third detailer to their office staff.

To expand our capability to serve our industrial customer’s needs, we replaced our 125 T-cable crane with a 175 T-hydraulic crane.

Our PWC Fabrication Division implemented new software, which should significantly reduce project delivery time. The software includes capabilities for material nesting/ordering, project management, and inventory control.

Year 2004 News

We honored one of our assistant field superintendents, Mike Campbell, at our annual holiday party. Mike is retiring at the end of December. We also honored Leo Herendeen, a project estimator, for 30 years of service with our company.

We finished the complete replacement of our computer workstations/server, operating systems, and office software. This upgrade was also done for our PWC Fabrication Division.

Don R. Fruchey, Inc. was honored by the Building Contractors Association for having no lost-time injuries in 2003. The award was presented at the BCA Construction Trade Show in the Fort Wayne Memorial Coliseum and was accepted by Safety Director Jim Lowden.

Our PWC Fabrication division added a new high-speed vertical band saw, 20″ x 24″. The saw has a solid-state programmable logic controller for all mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic functions. With its programmable feed, it can cut up to 99 different lengths from one bar of steel.

Year 2003 News

At our annual holiday party, we honored five of our foremen who retired this year: Steve Carroll, Chuck Ellis, Leo King, Bob Lukasheay, and Keith Pomeroy. Also retiring and honored was Larry Kumfer, a heavy equipment mechanic.

We were also pleased to honor Kevin Bushee, an operating engineer, who has been a part of our company now for 30 years.

Recognition was given to Shawn Malone, an operating engineer. Shawn was at home and heard an explosion at an industrial plant in Huntington, Indiana. He went to the plant and assisted in the evacuation and providing first aid.

Our PWC Fabrication Division added a digital blue print copier to their detailing department. This will greatly increase their speed in printing and copying blue prints, plus adding the ability to scan drawings.

We are pleased to announce Adam Fruchey’s safe return from service in Iraq and Kuwait.

For our fourth year, Don R. Fruchey, Inc. will be the corporate sponsor for the SCAN Children’s Garden on the grounds of Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne. SCAN (Stop Child Abuse & Neglect) started the Garden as a way for people to honor loved ones with a living tribute.

The Army Reserves recently called up coworker Adam Fruchey. He left today for the Iraq area. We wish him and all the military a safe return from their mission. They have our sincere thanks for their service.

Year 2002 News

Don R. Fruchey, Inc. honored Bobby Lukasheay and Bob Fruchey for 30 years of service with our company. We are proud that almost every year we have added to our 30-year list. The presentation took place at our annual holiday dinner.

Fruchey replaced one of its hydraulic gantries with a new 500-ton capacity unit. The new gantry has a greater capacity at higher elevations than the older unit did. It also gives us an additional safety factor because of its improved stability.

Fruchey and PWC held our annual picnic at the Wizard’s baseball stadium. The entertainment was a baseball game with evening fireworks.

PWC Fabrication Division purchased a new bending roll to add the ability to roll pipe, tube, rod, angle, and channels down to 8″ diameter. A new mill was also purchased to speed production time by being able to cut keyways in shafting on site.

Our coworkers attended the American Red Cross “A Tribute to Heroes” dinner. Fruchey sponsored a table at the event that honored heroes in the Ft. Wayne area. This was the first year for the event and was a great success. Everyone was impressed of the courage of some very special local people.

Please be aware that the area code for our company has changed from 219 to 260. Our old area code will still work for 6 months.

Year 2001 News

Les Sherman passed away today. Les was manager of our PWC Fabrication Division for many years when PWC was in its original building on Meyer Road. We wish his family well.

To round out the fleet, Don R. Fruchey, Inc. added a new double drop trailer. This trailer gives the option of providing customers more deck space with 9′ front and rear upper decks and a 30′ center deck.

PWC Fabrication Division agreed to build two new barges to help replace the 50 that were called into service for debris removal from the 9/11 attack in New York.

The gazebo that our company contributed to the SCAN (Stop Child Abuse & Neglect) Children’s Garden was identified with a plaque stand built by PWC Fabrication Division. The plaque reads “In honor of Don & Catherine Fruchey and the coworkers past & present of Don R. Fruchey, Inc.” Each addition to the Garden is making it more and more beautiful.

As part of the conversion of PWC Fabrication Division to “Fruchey colors,” the exterior of the fabrication building is being painted “Fruchey green.” In addition, to make the interior of the building a more productive work environment, all walls, building columns, and ceiling are being painted white.

Don R. Fruchey, Inc. adds an 80,000 lb. capacity fork truck to the fleet. It can be expanded to 100,000 lb. capacity when required. This new unit will often replace the need to send two fork trucks for heavy lifts.

Seminars are being held at Don R. Fruchey, Inc. to train coworkers on the impact of the new OSHA Subpart R standards on steel erectors and fabricators effective on September 16, 2001 in Indiana. To make sure our customers will be properly served on that date, PWC Fabrication is immediately changing detailing practices to comply with these regulations.

PWC Fabrication Division donated materials and labor to fabricate a 500 lb. steel “Frank Lloyd Wright Birdhouse” that will be auctioned at an annual event sponsored by the Fort Wayne Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The proceeds will be given to Daybreak Children’s Shelter.

This past fall, PWC Fabrication Division responded to a request from a national customer and began accepting Visa/MasterCard payments. All PWC and Don R. Fruchey, Inc. customers may now take advantage of this payment service.

Year 2000 News

Don R. Fruchey, Inc. traded two cranes for new units. A 65T hydraulic was replaced with a 70T hydraulic, and a 25T hydraulic was replaced with a 40T hydraulic. This will give us additional capacity and flexibility.

At our holiday dinner, Tom Arnold and Leo King, ironworker foremen, were honored for 30 years of service with Don R. Fruchey, Inc.

PWC Fabrication replaced its 1/2″ x 10′ plate roll with a new hydraulic model. This will boost rolling quality.

PWC Fabrication added a new 10ga x 6′ roll to expand the range of their rolling capabilities.

SCAN (Stop Child Abuse & Neglect) announced that Don R. Fruchey, Inc. will contribute the gazebo to SCAN’s Children Garden, which is located on the grounds of Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne.

Don R. Fruchey, Inc. and PWC Fabrication Division celebrated the 4th with a coworker picnic at the Ft. Wayne Wizards game and fireworks.

Don R. Fruchey, Inc. had 50-year anniversary celebration dinner for coworkers at the Ft. Wayne Coliseum.

Tom Arnold, ironworker foreman, retired from Don R. Fruchey, Inc. Tom began work for Fruchey in 1970.

Don R. Fruchey, Inc. added additional 75T Mobilift to its equipment fleet. The Mobilift has become a valuable piece of equipment for our customers because of its ability to set up quickly in tight areas and make heavy picks.

PWC Fabrication replaced its burning table with a computerized unit. Drawings can be drawn in AutoCAD and transferred to the table by fiber cable.

Don R. Fruchey, Inc. is honored at SCAN luncheon for its support of the organization.

PWC Fabrication added additional AutoCAD detailers to its staff. This will greatly increase their ability to move a project from order to fabrication.

Don R. Fruchey, Inc. linked its computer servers to PWC Fabrication to allow PWC to share in Microsoft Exchange’s security and email features.

Company News

  • 12/02/14

    At our annual Christmas party, we honored Jody Day – Project Foreman, Kim Graft – Superintendent, and Todd Blough – PWC Foreman for 30 years of service.

  • 12/03/13

    Honored this year at our annual Christmas party were retirees Kim Graft – Superintendent and Brain Hess – Project Foreman. Also, honored for 30 years of service were Bud Beste – Maintenance Manager, Mike Howard – Estimator, and Tim Moore – PWC Shop Superintendent.

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